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Professional Locksmiths of America

Bringing the Locksmith Community Together Through Fellowship, Training, and Integrity

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Professional Locksmiths of America is the result of planning which began in February of 2002.  Although there were a few other locksmith associations, many felt they were not a good fit for each and every locksmith, but rather catered to certain groups and specialties.  As such, a group of locksmiths from across the country came together and formed Professional Locksmiths of America.

Professional Locksmiths of America was created to be an all inclusive locksmith association in which membership and training is available to all qualified individuals working or wanting to work in the locksmith industry.  Professional Locksmiths of America offers various levels of membership, training, and certification comparable with other national locksmith associations.

Professional Locksmiths of American  offers training and certification in the areas of both General Locksmithing and Automotive Locksmithing.  Courses for credit and testing may be conducted online as it is difficult for busy working adults to travel.  (Tests for certification levels may require supervision by a PROLOA approved proctor).

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What We Provide

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Training Courses & Programs

Although PROLOA does offer various training courses at our Ogden, Utah facility and online, we do encourage members to take advantage of any and all locksmith training in their areas provided at trade shows and local facilities.

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Locksmith Certification

Complete courses to achieve various levels of PROLOA certification.

Course Credit Acceptance

Course credits from other associations, classes and training programs may be applied toward PROLOA certification.

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Apprentice Member:  Must be currently employed as an apprentice under an established locksmith business or registered in an approved locksmith training program. (Must be eligible for Full Membership within 2 years)

Full Member:  Must be employed in the locksmith industry as a locksmith and no longer an apprentice.


Associate Member:  Distributors, manufacturers, and sales individuals pertaining to the locksmith industry.


Lifetime Member:  Individuals who have served honorably in staff positions or members who have maintained membership for a period of ten (10) or more years are eligible for lifetime membership upon approval of staff members.

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Professional Locksmiths of America

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